File extension nls is used by following file type(s):

File extension nls file type 1 description:
Microsoft National Language support file

The NLS file extension is used for one of the system files in Microsoft Windows operating system.

The .nls files contain language translation information, that allows Windows to convert between different character sets. The .nls files are usually found in the Windows/System32 directory.

If the .nls files are deleted, Windows may display error message.

that open nls files:
Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows)


File extension nls file type 2 description:
Troj/Agent-GIS file

Troj/Agent-GIS is a Trojan for the Windows platform. Troj/Agent-GIS includes functionality to access the internet and communicate with a remote server via HTTP. When Troj/Agent-GIS is installed it creates the file \9_exception.nls.

that open nls files:
avast! Antivirus (Microsoft Windows)
AVG Antivirus (multiplatform software)
BitDefender (Microsoft Windows)
Norton Antivirus (Microsoft Windows)